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What  is Mental Health Coaching?

Mental Health Coaching

21st Century problems require a 21st Century solution. 

Mental Health Coaching is just that: a brand of therapy that aims to take advantage of modern technology and provides a time-effective, goal-orientated, thorough and immersive approach to helping you heal yourself.

Combining elements of Hypnotherapy and NLP, along with a whole variety of other techniques borrowed from various psychological and therapeutic disciplines,

What can Mental Health Coaching treat?

Mental Health Coaching is a suitable form of therapy for the following:

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Confidence/Assertiveness Issues

- Psychosomatic & Stress Issues (e.g. IBS)

How long is treatment?

There is no set time frame for Coaching. Coaching is individual to the client. However, it will start with a consultation. Then the practitioner will discuss a treatment plan individual to your needs. Sessions will be booked in 1 hour slots and typically last for 50 minutes. To see the practitioners charges please head to their booking page. 

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Psychosomatic Issues 



Weight Loss

Smoking Cessation

Performance Coaching 

Elite Team Sports 


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