When suffering from Glandular Fever back in 2016, which then developed into a chronic illness CFS/ME, I was receiving regular massage and acupuncture treatments to aid my recovery which then inspired me towards my journey in Remedial Massage and I found my passion in the treatment and rehabilitation process.


After seeing firsthand how massage could positively influence and effect the body, I decided that I wanted to develop the skills to help and heal in the same way that others had helped to heal me.  From there, I embraced the unknown, left my previous job of 3 years as a Personal Assistant and then took the first step into my new career as a Remedial Massage Therapist.


I have been practicing Massage Therapy since graduating from Australian Institute of Applied Science whilst living in Melbourne, Australia in 2017. I pride myself on offering mindful and effective treatments using a wide range of sports, deep tissue and relaxation techniques and tailor each individual massage experience to not just meet but exceed the needs and expectations of my clients. 


I have created my own sanctuary of massage therapy, Equilibrium, where wellness is the number one priority. At Equilibrium, treatments are designed to ease muscular pain, relieve tension, aid recovery and promote relaxation.


From regular gym-goers, to those suffering from physical conditions, injuries or mental health challenges including anxiety or depression, to those working long hours in front of computers or who are just in need of a little ‘me’ time, I ensure I provide the highest quality of treatments both in the therapy room and outside, advising clients of aftercare advice, stretching and exercises where necessary in order to produce long-lasting results.


I believe that a massage is not just a one hour treatment but a long-term commitment to both our health and our self-care, so my aim is to educate and inform my clients with ongoing support to positively encourage them to prioritise their bodies and general well-being.

Equilibrium Massage & Wellness

Georgia Morley


Direct Number: 07858587142

Specialist areas:

  • Sports Massage 

  • Deep Tissue Massage 

  • Pregnancy Massage 

  • Swedish Massage 

Discounts & Special Offers!
1st time clients receive 15% discount off any length/type of treatment.
Packages of 5 - £315 with one half price treatment.
Packages of 10 £630 with one treatment free.

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