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Facial Aesthetics

Am I a suitable candidate for injections?
Most of the people are suitable for Anti-wrinkles/ Dermal filler treatments, as there are some conditions where is not advisable ( pregnancy, blood disorders, skin conditions, etc.). Medical history will be discussed during the initial consultation at our clinic and before and after photographs will be taken. We also need to assess what areas will be treated and discuss your expectations and the possible results.
Recovery period
  • Anti-wrinkle injections -  All we ask is that you have no alcohol on treatment day, avoid tilting your head forwards for a few hours afterwards and do not exercise for 24 hours. If you’ve any temporary discomfort, just take ordinary painkillers (Paracetamol).
  • Dermal Fillers - No recovery time is required after dermal filler treatment and you can return to day to day activities straight away. You may experience some swelling or bruising to the area being injected and typically doesn't last longer than 48 hours. Your aesthetician will discuss your recovery and what to expect afterwards.
  • Lip Fillers - Lips are very sensitive, so after your treatment, you may experience some bruising, swelling and tenderness which can last around 14 days. 
  • Skin Peel and Mesotherapy- the treatments are non invasive, normally patients can continue with daily routine. Sometimes redness might lasts longer than few hours. The patients are advised to avoid make up, any facials, sun-beds, sauna in next 2 up to 7 days after the procedure. Also we recommend using a moisturiser and sunscreen spf 40-50.
Realistic expectations
Dr Andirana Ivanova of Wondersmile always does her best to deliver as successful treatment as possible. However, the results are variable and the outcome of the treatment or lasting period can not be predicted and guaranteed. The aftercare is as important as the treatment itself. Some factors as lifestyle : drinking alcohol, smoking, some medications, food, exercises and so on, might affect the aesthetic treatments.

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