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Advice for Studio Hirers

How to host a class/event during times of Covid-19.


Hello and welcome to the Clarity Studio located within the Clarity Therapy Centre.

This blog is focussed on how you can ensure you are offering a safe class/event when you hire our space. As a hirer you are operating as an external company to the Clarity Therapy Centres LTD and any classes/events/group session or workshop that you host are yours to manage. In these difficult times of Covid-19 now, more than ever, the health and safety of those participating and hosting activities must be considered.

The Clarity Therapy Centre is working hard to ensure the health and wellness of all of its users. With the current climate we have put in measures to ensure we are offering a Covid-19 secure environment. To make sure we stay compliant we expect all of those visiting and hiring our spaces to comply to our policies and where required implement their own to continue the high standards.

We request that all hirers complete the following prior to their event/class:

  • Complete a Covid-19 risk assessment.

  • Complete a general risk assessment.

  • Organise insurance with a minimum of 2 million pounds of cover.

  • Write a Covid-19 visitor policy, display it on your website, include in your correspondence with guests and display at the front doors of the venue.

  • Write a Covid-19 policy for your event which the hosts will follow.

  • Organise a NHS Covid-19 QR code for your company/event.

We ask that you send the Clarity Team copies of the above documents to comply with our own risk assessments.

When completing your risk assessments we suggest visiting the Clarity Studio prior to your event. If you’re in need of risk assessment templates you can find them on the government website and the Wandsworth council website. You will need to amend them accordingly. There is a lot more information online which we suggest you take the time to read. The government website is particularly helpful, it’s updated regularly so it’s worth checking at least once a week.

When writing your visitor policy we suggest you consider the following:

  • What PPE would you like your visitors to wear?

  • How would you like the visitors to arrive?

  • What should visitors expect upon arrival of your class/event?

  • What measures are you taking to ensure their safety?

  • How should they behave to ensure their safety and the safety of the other participants?

  • When should they not come to the class/event?

  • What should they do if they suspect they have Covid-19 symptoms?

  • Inform your visitors of the need to scan your QR code for your class/event, include information on how to download the NHS Covid-19 app.

Don’t forget to provide your contact details and cancellation policy in your Covid-19 visitor policy.

When planning your class/event we remind you of the following:

  • Visitors should all be wearing a face mask prior to entering the building.

  • Visitors should use hand sanitiser upon entering the building.

  • Visitors should bring their own water and water bottles with them.

  • Where possible visitors should be 2 metres apart at all times when inside and outside the venue. Where this is not possible a minimum of 1 metre distance must be maintained.

  • Visitors should place their jackets/clothes behind them rather than in the storage cupboard to avoid; touching surfaces, multiple persons clothes and shoes coming into contact, people gathering in one space.

  • Visitors should bring their own equipment such as yoga mats and blocks where possible. Anything used must be thoroughly disinfected after use by the hirer.

  • Visitors should be provided by the event host (that’s you) hand sanitiser to use during the class/event.

  • All visitors and hirers must scan the NHS QR code.

  • Any visitors who have or have been in contact with someone experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms should inform the hosts prior to arrival and reschedule/cancel their attendance and self isolate for 14 days.

  • Any visitors who feel unwell after attending the class/event should let the organiser know.

  • When visitors arrive we suggest you open the main doors to prevent visitors needing to touch the handle.

  • Avoid shared check in sheets.

  • When visitors arrive make sure they are wearing a face mask, sanitise their hands and take their temperature.

  • Any visitors with a high temperature should not be granted access to the class/event.

  • Display instructions on how to move around the building (if required) as well as your visitor policy.

  • Provide verbal instructions to those entering the building and participating in your class/event.

  • When planning and hosting your event limit the need for visitors to touch surfaces.

  • Consider ventilation when hosting your event.

  • Ensure you monitor the bathrooms when hosting your event.

  • Ensure you are regularly cleaning surfaces before, during and after the event.

  • Have your own sanitation kit to bring to the event including PPE for organisers and visitors, hand sanitiser, disinfectant sprays and a temperature scanner.

  • Ensure you book enough time to set up your class/event, check in your visitors and closedown afterwards.

We understand that setting up a class/event with the current requirements may seem daunting. We are here to help. We want you to feel confident when offering your incredible services and feel honoured that you are considering our space. To help organise the documents we are offing all potential hirers appointments to visit the space and take notes/images for assessments and policies.

We know that setting up and closing down will take extra time which is why we are no longer accepting 1 hour hires. Weekly classes must be a minimum of 1.5 hours and ad hoc hire must be for a minimum of 2 hours. You can see our studio hire menu below.

If you’re interested in hosting a class/event please fill out the booking request form

Studio Hire Menu

1.5 hour weekly hire £40.00

Minimum requirement of 1 month of weekly hires.

Perfect for 1 hour in person classes.

A total of 1.5 hours of hire per week.

Ad hoc hire £30/hour

Minimum of 2 consecutive hours

Full day hire £200

Available 08:00 - 20:00.

A total of 12 hours of hire.

We have facilities to help those providing online classes, please email us if you would like to host a live class or record your session.


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