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Covid Catch Up

With the governments recent instructions for all citizens to self isolate and only leave the house when shopping for essentials, seeking medical attention, or to exercise its been tough on us all. Even if we haven't been physically unwell with the virus.

It's been several months now and some restrictions are lifting. With this news the Clarity Therapy Centre is now open! The practitioners who hire our space will be back to work properly from August.

Its starting to feel like forever since we were last living "normally"

How are you finding it?

Scared, agitated, anxious, stressed, confused or angry? .”

These are all completely normal feelings. So much change was enforced upon every aspect of our lives. It's normal to react to the changes. You don't have to be happy and loving every minute of the lock down.

What you can do ...

There is no doubt that these are uncertain times. In times of a crisis it is normal to feel scared, agitated, anxious, stressed, confused or angry. Talking to people you trust can help. Reaching out to friends, family, community members or our team can be really beneficial for your mental wellbeing.

If you want to speak to someone outside of your social group there are therapists who are here to listen. Susan Morgan is a psychotherapist who works in the Centre on a Friday. She's been helping people throughout the pandemic and is here to hear you.

If you're working at home, using laptops or sitting at a desk maintaining good posture can go a long way. Remember to take regular breaks away from the screen. If you're feeling a bit tight or sore perhaps a massage could help? As massage therapy can now be offered you could consider booking in with Georgia from Equilibrium Massage and Wellness. Georgia works in the Clarity Therapy Centre on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you're at home without much to do consider taking some time for yourself.

Selfcare comes in many forms, eating good food, drinking enough water and sleeping. But it's more than lifes' essentials. Why not take time to clear your mind?

How do you do that? Meditation is a great way to clear your mind, destress and feel at one, bringing your mind, body and spirit into harmony.

If you find it hard to just sit in silence (you are not alone).

There are plenty of fantastic guided meditations online. We are now offering indoor meditation classes. You can come to our "Meditation your way"class which is hosted on a Friday evening. This isn't a typical class, essentially we are holding space for you. We will set up the Clarity Studio with meditation music and equipment. You can then join a small group and meditate in your own way. This class isn't guided. Our beginners guided meditation class will be hosted on a Friday evening after this class. Each week will have a theme. We will go through posture, breathing techniques and guide you through a body scan each week. Helping you to scan your body, tune in and see how you are really feeling. Not your thing? That's ok, perhaps you can take time for yourself by reading, writing, painting, creating?

It's also important to ensure your environment promotes wellbeing. Now that doesn't mean you need to redecorate or spend a fortune on new furniture. Simply cleaning your space and decluttering can go a long way in helping you to feel at ease in your home. Housework also doubles as exercise especially if you dance whilst hoovering, plus, if you really get into it you can find yourself in a bit of a trance. So that's meditation too. Whats that? We didn't trick you into cleaning? OK then, just put it in a cupboard and forget about it. We won't tell anyone.

The government has advised that its ok for us to go outside to exercise. Perhaps a walk, jog or bike ride could help prevent cabin fever setting in? If the weather permits why not take your yoga mat out and complete your practice al fresco? Yoga works really well at home too. As do many body weight workouts. With so many professional offering online workouts there's plenty to choose from. As of the 25th of July indoor fitness is permitted. So if you have missed the gym make sure you stick the the rules and exercise safely. We are opening yoga classes in September for those who would like personal instruction and a social class atmosphere.

The government have expressed the need to up our hygiene routines. Hands up who's still singing happy birthday when they wash their hands? Suggestions have been made that we should all shower after being outside or visiting shops. As a form of self care why not take a little extra time in the bathroom? Indulge and pop on some candles, deep condition your hair, moisturise your skin and remember to take care of your hands and feet? Manicures and pedicures are now possible but don't forget to use moisturiser regularly. Especially if using a lot of hand sanitiser! Here at the Clarity Therapy Centre are taking cleanliness and hygiene very seriously. We have completed a covid risk assessment, we've implemented protocols for practitioners and visitors. You can see what we expect of you in our previous blog and via a document on the homepage. We have plenty of hand sanitiser, regular cleaning and we clean the yoga mats after each use. So you know you're coming into a safe space.

From all at the Clarity Therapy Centre we want to extend our gratitude for your support. We thank you for being patient whilst we had to close and for returning to us now we are open. From all the staff at the Clarity therapy Centre an on behalf of the businesses that hire our spaces we wish you health and wellness hope to see you back at the Centre when the time is right for you.

Please remember that we are here for you. If you want to stay in touch please feel free to join our Facebook Community group


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