The worlds first reusable hot drinks cup made from paper cups!

It is BPA free, leak proof and dishwasher safe. 

The rCUP reusable coffee cup is designed for 360° drinking so you never need to check where to drink from and, best of all, you get the full coffee aroma with every sip.

rCUP’s innovative design makes it quick and easy to open and close with one hand. The perfect travel mug for when you’re on the go, on the phone or just juggling!

This reusable cup is fully insulated, so it’s comfortable to hold and keeps your drink hotter or cooler for longer.  Lattes and cups of tea will stay warm in an rCUP for at least an hour and 20 minutes.

The rCUP is also completely 100% recyclable, so when your finished with it (in about 10 years) you can recyle the whole product! 

Large rCUP 12oz

SKU: 123454678
Large rCup