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Rox and Rose Aesthetics 

Dr Sarah McCrindle

Medical Aesthetics Practitioner


Specialist areas:

  • Botox

  • Facial Fillers


Hi, my name is Sarah and I am the founder of Rox and Rose Aesthetics. I have worked in the NHS as a doctor for over 10 years now, I love my job and the NHS. I am truly passionate about people, I began my journey into medical aesthetics as I wanted time to spend with people, time to truly listen and invest in making them feel good.


After a long period of studying aesthetics, it allowed me to embrace a creative and artistic side with my surgical skill. I felt by delivering aesthetics safely from a surgical background I could contribute positively to raising standards within the aesthetics industry. 

Part of my journey into aesthetics was also in order to spend more time with my beautiful baby girl Olivia Rose and my mad puppy Roxy... and so Rox and Rose was born. 

I am passionate about providing aesthetics that are truly tailored to you, to deliver your treatment in true consultation with you, safely and responsibly to achieve subtle, natural results. Results that leave you feeling good and more confident within yourself. 


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